Facebook Agency Ad Accounts

High-quality Facebook Ad Accounts with lower restrictions, unlimited spending limits and a direct link to Meta to grow your business without limits.

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Facebook Accounts With No Spend Limits

All of our Agency Accounts have unlimited daily & monthly spend limit restrictions. Built to scale immediately.

Reduced Restrictions On Ad Accounts

We help keep your ad accounts compliant so you don’t have to worry about suspensions or restrictions and focus on scaling your business.

24/7 Customer Service

In addition to your accounts our team provides high quality 24/7 customer service and consultations.

Our Solution

SquareWave guides you to unlock your potential using the Facebook Advertising Networks to grow and scale your e-commerce or lead generation brand.

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How to apply for a Facebook Agency Ad Account:

Fill out our initial application form to see if you qualify. Once approved you will be connected with your account manager to set up your initial Facebook Ads setup:


Fill out our intake form


Conduct a quick consultation call


Complete legal agreements


Setup and share the agency accounts

Once you are onboarded, you can start scaling as quickly as you can. Start testing, gain traction then hit full throttle on your agency accounts. With no spend limits, you can start with as much as you like from day 1.

What makes you qualified?

  • If you are an experienced entrepreneur and advertiser
  • Have had previous success on Facebook
  • Launched multiple website and e-stores
  • You are willing to work with our team to run smoothly

Our Facebook Agency Accounts are for you if.

  • You spend $15,000+ per month on Facebook Ads
  • Have had issues with restrictions in the past
  • Looking to scale your current businesses
  • Wanting to launch & test new businesses
  • Have compliant business models available
  • Have the ability to re-invest in your marketing

Apply now to see if you qualify for a Facebook Agency Account!

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First fill out our initial application, if you meet the minimum requirements we will schedule a call with you to map our your business and advertising strategy on Facebook.

Our Facebook Agency Accounts come with unlimited spend from day 1.

No, our Facebook accounts are ready to scale as soon as they are shared.

Yes, your account will be brand new, generated on request from our partner’s Business Manager. Upon creation, your account will be directly connected with Facebook as a partner ad account.

Generally our minimum monthly spend for agency accounts is $15,000 – $25,000 depending on your niche and services.