22 May 2023

E-Commerce Content Marketing – How To Get Started

As an online business, digital customer experience is vital for your success. E-commerce marketing might be the thing that you are missing. It’s very cost-effective and a great way to increase online sales and bring in loyal customers. 

E-commerce content marketing gives you a strategic advantage if used correctly.

Content marketing is the foundation that drives all marketing efforts. That is why companies have started to invest more of their efforts in paid advertising and social media. Keep in mind, these are not the only options out there. Content can involve podcasts, templates, case studies, webinars, and so much more.  

Whether you sell  DIY products, electronics, or something else online – e-commerce marketing is a great way to share your business with a wider audience. E-commerce companies constantly use marketing for aided brand recalls and to improve their website’s vision. Being up to date with current trends and topics will help your business share relevant and helpful content. 

Keep reading to learn more about how your e-commerce business can benefit from content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing centers on creating good, original content that attracts and captivates your targeted audience. This way you can communicate with potential customers without hard selling and turning a potential client off from making a purchase at all.

Rather than putting up items or services, content marketing gives you info that pleases or informs your users. The thought behind this technique is that if businesses frequently serve quality content without asking for anything in return, viewers will more likely become loyal customers.

Content marketing works. It’s used by everyone- from smaller companies to big retailers. 

Content marketing wants to give viewers quality content. This kind of content makes customers feel the need to take action. Without marketing, creating good content is rather impossible. 

Why is it so valuable for e-commerce?

Whatever the item is that you are trying to sell, the number one step in this process should be the content for it. The more free content you share and create, the more customers you will get. It is also a way to keep your buyers committed by creating something for them to share on social media.

Content marketing for e-commerce builds brand loyalty.

There is tons of competition out there and building brand loyalty can be quite challenging. Visitors have many choices to pick between, so you have to stand out. 

Content marketing is a great way to strengthen and deepen brand loyalty with your customers. Share content that entertains and adds value regularly. Create curiosity and engagement, leaving people looking forward to new content that is being shared.

Content marketing can also bring in business prospects, who may become loyal customers. 

How to use content marketing for your e-commerce brand?

Creating content for your audience that is engaging is key. Let’s look at some content-specific marketing strategies. There are different ways to use content marketing for e-commerce in an effective way. Here are the TOP4:

1. Include photos of your products

As an e-commerce website, your job is to sell items. This means that you have to be creative about the photos you post and include them with your content strategy.

Sharing these photos on your business’s Instagram or other social media accounts will motivate buyers to learn more. Mixing useful content and high-quality photos together will make customers connect with your company easier. 

For example, if you sell home décor, create a blog post about how to decorate for each season. Gather your posts with relevant images, so that your readers can get good advice on how to style their homes etc. This will make the customer consider having the same type of products in their home and raises the chance that they will buy something from you.

2. Include Reviews

Adding reviews from your customers is a great way to showcase social proof of the quality of your products. Having a guarantee from a previous client leaves new customers feeling confident in their purchase. That is definitely part of the content that people find important and helpful.

Having social proof on your e-commerce website will help you get more conversions.

3. Create how-to videos

Tutorial videos have become extremely popular. You can use this content creation option and drive more traffic with sales, showcasing to viewers how to use your products. 

Showing your potential clients that you care about their experience builds trust. It also helps the buyer understand the value of your products while showing existing customers how to get the most value out of them. Videos allow customers to learn more about your products, and they’re more engaging than just text or images. 

The more quality and helpful content you share, the more you will be seen as a trustworthy company. It’s an engaging way to get the attention you need from potential buyers and turn them into secured customers. 

3. Gain influence

Don’t be afraid to become an authority in your space. Your content doesn’t need to be filled with brands, but by sharing content similar to your industry and trends, customers will get in touch with your site if they have questions.

Achieving the trust of a customer can take time. So this can separate you from the competitors who are busy forcing the hard sell. Focusing on creating content for your online media hub will bring in more viewers to your e-commerce site. People are mostly looking for companies that they can relate to. 

What can your e-commerce site gain from content marketing?

E-commerce and content marketing go hand-in-hand. There is no denying that companies are gaining increased revenue from content marketing. But that’s not all. 


Content marketing is a way to achieve trust and growth in customer relationships. Providing reliable info will make people view you as a trustworthy company. You want to offer solutions through your content to potential problems people might have. Giving your audience an opportunity to view you as a trustworthy source and feel like there is something that relates to their life, will turn a simple viewer into a new client.

Good and useful content can expand networking opportunities with other companies and industry experts. Even collaborations with lesser-known brands can evolve your popularity and credibility. People like to see real-life proof.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the positive effects of content marketing. E-commerce content marketing sites have a big advantage with SEO. 

Sharing consistent and optimized content with keywords helps you attract organic traffic, which saves you money for not having to pay for advertising. Research which keywords people typically search for when looking for your product, and use them throughout your content to boost your organic rankings.

A well-done SEO on marketing brings in compound organic traffic over time which helps you gain new clients and bigger revenue. 

By creating original and outstanding content on blogs, you can use keywords to gain great results on search engine results pages.

Increased traffic means increased revenue

Sharing your products with engaging copywriting accompanied by pictures/videos on your blogs or social media, can help you increase the chances of people buying from your company. Having great content for your business can improve the ROI for the e-commerce site and also get more loyal customers. 


If you are planning to execute your e-commerce content marketing well, you have to be prepared for the time and energy invested. Follow the above pointers and watch your marketing efforts take off! This can be an organic way to bring in new customers for your e-commerce business. 

Not to mention, content marketing helps you build a stronger relationship between your brand and customers. This leads to more loyal clients, brand appreciation and referrals. Having a strong client base shows high-quality service and products. That leads to a more secure brand and higher revenue. 

Content marketing might be one of the most strategic marketing moves an e-commerce business can make. Content marketing for e-commerce works wonders and you should definitely take advantage of it! If you are finding it overwhelming or don’t know exactly where to start, send your questions our way and we will get you started!