4 November 2022

How To Appeal Your Disabled Facebook Ad Account

Facebook ads are a useful asset to any business, with some businesses even using Facebook ads as the main method of selling their products and services or generating leads.

So, when the ad account of a business gets suspended, its survival and prosperity can be at stake.

The suspension of your Facebook ad account can be really frustrating, especially if you don’t know what caused it or how to fix it.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you. 

In this article, we are going to find out how to detect and resolve the issues that got your account suspended in the first place and how to appeal your suspended Facebook ad account to get it reinstated, so you can continue running your campaigns seamlessly.

Intro to Facebook ads

In case you are unfamiliar with Facebook ads, they are simply one of the most effective ways to promote your business on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

Facebook ads are a must-have in any modern business’s marketing plan.

Some of the many benefits of Facebook advertising include:

  • The ability to effectively reach your target audience with their audience selection tools 
  • The flexibility to freely customize your advertisement’s appearance and how your audience interacts with it. 
  • High-conversion rates with minimum cost. 
  • A global audience
  • Low-cost requirement to start.
  • Easy to set up even for beginners.
  • Easily track the performance and results of your ad campaigns. 
  • You can analyze different ad campaigns based on different variables to further increase the efficiency and performance of future campaigns.

What Happens if Your Ad Account is Disabled?


Some people may not realize that their account is suspended when some of their ads stop running.

So, if you experience the following on your Facebook Ad account, it means it has been suspended or disabled.

  • You will see a picture showing that your ad account has been disabled.
  • All the ads on your Disabled ad account will stop running.
  • Everyone with access to your business manager will no longer have access to your suspended ad account.

So, is my account terminated, and I will no longer be able to run ads on Facebook?

No, your account may have been suspended, but it’s not permanently disabled, and we will tell you exactly how to identify where the problem is and how to fix it so you can start running ads again in no time.

Detecting the Issues that got your account disabled


Now in order to get your suspended ad account reinstated, we first need to find out what the problem was in the first place so you can address it in your appeal.

Your ad account may have been suspended for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Your ads didn’t follow Facebook’s Ads policies or community guidelines.
  2. Spamming and overspending: you spent a massive amount of money on your ads in a short amount of time.
  3. Late Payments.
  4. Using the same payment method as your previously banned or suspended ad account.
  5. There has been a change in Facebook ads policies, and your ads are no longer following the new policies.
  6. Your ads have been flagged by Facebook users.
  7. You are logged in from too many devices, or you have been using a VPN: Facebook considers logging in from different IP addresses to be suspicious activity, especially when it’s done a lot.
  8. You are selling the information and leads you obtained through Facebook ads to a third party.

Spamming and Overspending


You are excited to run your first Facebook ads campaign, and you want it to be a massive success, so you don’t hold back on the budget but the next thing you know, you have a suspended ad account.

Hey, it happens to all of us. However, if your Facebook ad account is relatively new and you spend a large sum of money on Facebook ads to be run in a short amount of time, Facebook will consider this spamming. 

Think about it; if you set a huge budget for a short amount of time, your ads would be running all the time and simply spamming Facebook’s users.

Therefore, unless your ad account has a long-standing history with Facebook, it is wiser to manage your funds wisely and accordingly for the entire duration that you want the ad campaign to run for.

Late Payments and Using the Same Payment Method


We all run a little behind on some of our bills and payments every now and then.

That being said, if you are late on the payments for your ads account more than a few times, Facebook will deem you unreliable and disable your account.

Additionally, Facebook always tries to stay on the lookout for individuals whose accounts have been terminated, and they just open new ad accounts as a way of going around the suspension of their accounts, but Facebook identifies individuals through different means, including the payment methods they use.

So, if you use the same payment method as the one used in a previously suspended ad account, Facebook will see you as the same person whose account got suspended. 

Flagged ads


One of the common reasons for ad account suspension is flagged ads.

Your ads can be flagged by either a Facebook user or a Facebook employee if they deem your ads to be misleading, inappropriate, or spam.

If you have the same ad campaign running for a long time while targeting the same audience, it is likely that those Facebook users have seen your ad plenty of times, which they now consider to be spam and annoying.

Another potential reason that your ads have been flagged, albeit not that common, is the possibility that a Facebook ads employee reviewed your ads again and found a couple of violations that were not detected in previous assessments or revisions.

Hence, it is always good practice to make sure that all your ads comply with Facebook’s ads policy and community guidelines.

Requesting a Review for your Ad Account


Now that you have identified the issue that got your ad account suspended, you can submit a request for your ad account to be reviewed so that it can be reinstated after you have resolved the issue that got your account suspended in the first place.

You can use this form to request a review. Keep in mind; you have to use the same email or phone number as the one associated with your suspended ad account as well as your full name as it appeared on your account.

Additionally, you will have to upload a picture of your identity which Facebook will use to confirm your identity (this helps get your ad account reinstated since you become more transparent in the eyes of Facebook’s guidelines, and they are reassured that there isn’t any fraudulent or suspicious activity on your behalf).

Plan B


In case you have appealed the suspension of your account, but your appeal still got rejected no matter how many times you tried to reach out to Facebook’s support center.

There is no need to panic; there is always Plan B.

As a last resort, you can open a new Facebook ad account, but you will have to be aware of the following in order not to get your account suspended again:

  • Move your assets to a new business manager (Don’t create a new ad account in the same business manager)
  • Use a new payment method
  • Facebook’s updated ads policy and community guidelines (Be certain that your new ad account doesn’t violate any policies or guidelines in any way).
  • Don’t repeat the same mistake or violation that got your old ad account suspended.



There you have it. Now you know the issues that can get your Facebook ad account suspended and how to get your ad account up and running again.

Your Facebook ad account is a valuable asset to your business.

However, if your ad account becomes frequently or repeatedly suspended, it can turn into a liability and a hindrance to your business.

Therefore, you need to always make sure that you are following the best practices when it comes to advertising on Facebook.

Additionally, it is important to always stay up to date when it comes to Facebook advertising terms of use and policy to prevent the suspension of your ad account in the future.