7 November 2022

How To Scale Your Facebook Ad Account Smoothly

Facebook ads have continuously proven over time to be a crucial asset for new businesses all over the world.

The countless benefits of advertising on Facebook have been developed and tuned for advertisers to promote and scale their businesses with ease, making it stand out amongst the competition.

With Facebook ads you get more than the results you are expecting at minimum cost with Facebook ads’ various tools at your disposal to help you reach your target audience.

Also, your Facebook ad account is made to be flexible so that your ad account can grow over time as your business grows.

So today, we are going to find out the best practices to scale your ad account smoothly including:

  • Facebook Power 5
  • Managing your budgeting
  • Audience sizes and customization
  • Using funnels and campaign types

Implement Facebook Power 5


Facebook Power 5 is a new set of ad tools to help different types of businesses grow on Facebook.

The Facebook Power 5 ad tools were developed with the help of machine learning for the sake of helping businesses scale and increase their sales without the need for any manual outreach or targeting.

Facebook Power 5 can help you speed through many of the obstacles using various tools such as dynamic ads and automatic Facebook ads placements. 

However, one of the most groundbreaking features of the Facebook Power 5 tool is Auto advanced matching which helps you narrow down precisely where your conversions came from, which will not only help you decrease the future cost per conversion but also increase the size of your audience as you are able to identify them more accurately.

Handling Your Budget


Now, as you scale your Facebook ad account, you will, of course, need to increase your budget. However, the budgeting rules for Facebook ads are different from other platforms.

Facebook ads have a learning phase that helps it decide when to show your ads and to who they should be shown to in the first place to yield the best results.

That being said, it is important to carefully increase the budget of your ad account by a margin of no more than 20% at each round of running your Facebook ads in order for their performance to not be negatively affected as a result of a sudden change in the budget.

So, if the budget for your ad account is currently 1,000 USD, you should only increase it up to 1,200 USD at a given point.

The 20% rule is considered best practice regardless of whether you are increasing or decreasing your budget for a Facebook ad account.

Audience Sizes and utilizing Lookalike audience


The next logical step in scaling your Facebook ad account is increasing the size of your audience.

A broader audience will help you discover bigger and better opportunities with increased future ad performance as you expand the small demographic your ads were always targeted at.

Furthermore, you can start utilizing lookalike audiences to scale your ad account. 

As the name suggests, lookalike audiences are groups of people who most likely have never seen your ads while sharing the same qualities, behavior, and interests as your current audience.

This Facebook tool helps you find the absolute best potential customers and prospects without having to spend massive amounts of money on research or running ad campaigns and analyzing their performance and results.

In other words, using a lookalike audience helps you effectively scale your Facebook ad account without having your ROAS take a serious hit.

Importance of funnels and audience segmentation


Scaling your Facebook ad account doesn’t just mean expanding your audience; your old audience can be further utilized and optimized as you scale as well.

Every marketer knows the importance and effectiveness of a sales funnel and its role in the customer journey.

As you increase your daily ad spend, you can build your funnel to retarget previous visitors to your page or website.

Additionally, you can segment your previous prospects or individuals who have shown interest in your brand and distribute your ad spend or budget based on their potential.

For example, you would set a higher portion of your budget on customers who added your product to cart but didn’t check out, while setting a lower portion of your budget on potential customers who simply clicked on your ad and browsed through your site.

In fact, retargeting your previous prospects increases your ROAS as those individuals are already familiar with your brand.

Developing New Creatives to Avoid Ad Fatigue


Have you ever had an amazing ad campaign steadily decreasing in performance, but you are not sure why it’s happening?

Ad fatigue happens when your ads reach their peak and become exhausted after a certain period of time.

In other words, the same ads have been shown to the same people repetitively over a long period of time, making those ads simply ineffective but, in contrast, can even cause your audience to become annoyed or displeased by your ads.

Developing new ad creatives on a regular basis is an important practice while running any Facebook ad campaign for a long period of time.

That being said, it is even more important to develop new creatives when you are trying to scale your ad account.

As your business grows, the appeal of your creatives needs to grow as well, and the appeal of your ads simply won’t increase as you show your audience the same creatives you have been running for a long time.

Test New Audiences


As previously mentioned, in order to scale your ad account, you will definitely need to expand your audience by exploring new potential audiences.

We already covered lookalike audiences as a way to expand. However, lookalike audiences are not really new since they share many of their interests with your current audience. 

Another prospect that has huge potential since it is untapped by you is exploring new audiences with different interests.

Targeting a new interest audience may come with its own set of challenges, and you will probably need to develop new creatives to reach this new audience.

However! Finding a new audience gives you the potential to grow your business and your ad account on a much bigger scale in a smaller amount of time.

Duplicating ad sets


Another method of scaling your ad account that tends to be overlooked is duplicating already existing ad sets.

This method of scaling your Facebook ad account is relatively simple.

You would simply take an already successful ad set, duplicate it, and then apply it to a larger audience .

Similarly, you can also duplicate unsuccessful ad sets that feature promising creatives and test them out by showing them to a broader audience or even an entirely new audience.

Keep in mind, you need to be careful that your audiences don’t overlap as you are duplicating ad sets and showing them to a similar audience.

Do not Interrupt Learning Phase


We touched briefly on the learning phase earlier and how a big budget change can interrupt this process.

However, the learning phase can be affected by other elements as well, so in order to prevent this from happening while scaling your ad account, we first need to understand what the learning phase is. 

The Facebook ad learning phase starts as soon as your ad starts running, and the algorithm starts to figure out the right frequency of showing your ads and who to show it too based on their behavior.

The learning phase typically doesn’t stop as long as an ad is running, but the important work happens in the first 48 hours, where the performance of your ad set is likely to be unstable.

So, it is important not to interfere with your ad sets learning phase by adding new creatives, or changing the audience selection settings because that will only cause the selection process to start all over again while only costing you more time and money.



There you have it. Now you know the best practices, tactics, and methods of scaling and growing your Facebook ad account.

Facebook ads are a great way of growing your business and spreading your brand awareness.

And now that your business is blooming, you might be eager to rapidly scale your ad account by massively increasing your budget or expanding your audience.

However, with Facebook advertising, it is always a good practice to do your research and progress steadily, which in the long run is going to help you scale your business in less time with the highest return on investment.