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26 May 2022

10 Reasons Your FB Account Could Get Suspended.. And How To Fix It

According to eMarketer, Facebook’s US ad revenue will rise from $50.30 (2021) to $58.1 billion in 2022. That sounds promising for both advertisers and consumers, right?

But here’s the catch…

While Facebook ads are a great way to promote your business, the inability to understand their basic ad policies may quickly get you into the trouble of disapproved ads, disabled accounts and suspended Facebook assets including profiles, business managers or pages. 

This means your entire campaign can go down the drain if you fail to navigate Facebook ad issues appropriately and in good time.

The solution?

You have to understand why Facebook disables ads and ad accounts in the first place. 

Not sure where to start?

Continue reading, and you will find answers to all your questions right here in the next section of this article.

10 Reasons Your FB Ad Account Could Get Shut Down

Okay, so before we head over to see the reasons, please take a minute out and admit that your account is facing issues due to some sort of violation at your end.

Why are we saying this?

Because most users like to put the entire blame on Facebook when their ad account is disabled.

Facebook is a private company, and it considers all those things a violation that they feel are violating their ad policies and terms of service. And they have an automated system to evaluate this.

Yes, you read that right…

This is a bot flagging your account and not a real person.

Thus, if you have just received a warning, make sure to cross-check you aren’t doing any of the things we have listed below:

  1. Infringing Facebook’s ToS (Terms of Service)

It’s a fine morning; you’re drinking coffee and thinking about growing your business. Guess what; your Facebook ads are disabled. Sometimes Facebook might ban the account as well. It happens when you violate Facebook’s Terms of Services (ToS). For example, sharing any content that promotes sex, fighting, and violence will result in a ban. Moreover, some ads about dating and making money via false means will result in a ban too.

Your Facebook ad account may also get disabled if you are…

  1. Violating Facebook’s Ad Policies

Did you know 45% of Facebook advertising is via interest targeting — and that’s where you have to be cautious! Facebook has an advertising policy that you must follow to keep your ads online. Here’s what is against the Facebook Ad policy:

  •         Do not talk about any race, religion, or belief;
  •         There must not be a Facebook term in any brand’s ad;
  •         The image of the ad must have 20% text and not more than that;
  •         Do not add the images with before and after results in the ad;

(Source: Facebook)

Doable, right? What’s next? Let’s find out…

  1. Having Too Many Disapproved Ads on Your Account

Having too many ad disapprovals, Facebook authorities might think you’ve not read the policy. Thus, too many ad disapprovals might result in an account ban. It is recommended to read the terms and policies first, and you’re good to go!

You don’t even have to throw tons of cash on Facebook marketing. Here’s why…

  1. Splashing Money

Facebook would love to make money from the ads, but ad spamming is not encouraged. Thus, to cope with this situation, Facebook has a limit on the ad campaign, above which you might be included in the suspicion list. Even if you have the budget, grow your ad campaign slowly – such as scale the budget by 15% on a daily basis.

Another reason could be…

  1. Logging In from Different Devices

Most websites keep track of users’ originality via the IP address or the number of devices – the same goes with Facebook.

Logging in from different devices will put you on the suspicion list. Facebook might think of it as unusual activity. The ad account will not be disabled right away, but you can expect the consequences in the future.

Did you know your Facebook ad account can also get affected by customer reviews? Surprised? Let’s see how it works…

  1. Receiving Too Many Negative Reviews

Consumers are the king of the market, and Facebook will listen to their feedback! The ads that have too many negative reviews are removed right away. The relevance score on Facebook is also that you should keep an eye on! A negative relevance score will affect the engagement and may cause the ad account to be disabled in the future.

Don’t even think about using the same payment method for multiple accounts. Here’s why…

  1. Using the Same Payment Method for Different Accounts

The payment method is also banned whenever any ad account is banned. Thus, using the same method as the old banned account is risky. You can create a Facebook Business Manager Account to link different accounts with the same payment method.

Another possible reason could be…

  1. Using Facebook’s Virtual Assets

Facebook retains the intellectual property rights for the content – such as images, videos, sounds, and designs provided to you. Therefore, the virtual assets can only be utilized due to Facebook’s permission or Brand Usage Guidelines. Otherwise, the authorities will take your ad down, and you might face a ban as well.

(Source: Facebook)

You may also have to be careful about your use of language. Read on to learn why…

  1. Use of Flagged Terms

Did you know Facebook banned 1.3 billion accounts for sharing harmful content recently? You wouldn’t want to offend the users, right? Thus, avoid using flagged terms! Any terms related to fighting, violence, suicide, nudity, child porn, crime, and many more are banned as per Facebook Ads policy. Also, if Facebook puts down your ad, review the ad description keeping in mind the flagged terms.

We’re down to the final reason now…

  1. A Confusing Landing Page with Unclear Intentions

A landing page is also considered a reason why Facebook blocks ad accounts. If you have a landing page with unclear intentions or vague terms, Facebook might act. The page must deliver all information that a user needs to know — and in clear words.

Things You Can Do to Recover Your Disabled Account

Your Facebook ad account is banned, and now the question is: how to recover the banned Facebook ad account?

  •         Review Request: First thing first, submit a review request if you think Facebook has banned the account mistakenly.
  •         Live Chat: Facebook’s Live Chat Support effectively solves many problems. Go to the Facebook Business Help page and click on Find Answers or Contact Support. Describe your issue to the support agent, and they will guide you with the rest.
  •         Facebook Account Executive: Many Facebook experts offer services in this regard. Not all advertisers have this option enabled!

Things You CAN DO to Protect Your Facebook Ad Account from Getting Disabled

Now that you’re well aware of the reasons that can urge Facebook authorities to take action against your Facebook Ad Account, here’s how you can protect the ad account from getting disabled:

  • Always read the Facebook Ad Policy before starting with an ad account;
  • Ensure the quality of ads – no flagged terms and less number of disapproved ads;
  • Use your Facebook ad account from a single device;
  • Avoid having any payment issues with Facebook ads;
  • Be careful with the ad images;
  • Try to earn the user’s trust.

The Final Cut

There you have it – a comprehensive guide on what to do if your Facebook ad account gets disabled. Once you follow all these guidelines and adhere to Facebook’s Terms of Service and Ad Policies, you’re not going to have any issues with your Facebook ad account whatsoever.