8 December 2022

9 Best Practices To Make Your Ads Standout on Facebook

Social media marketing is one of the most economic and efficient ways to reach your audience.

Additionally, there is no shortage of social media platforms to advertise on based on your ad placements and target audience.

However, the one platform to rule them all in terms of social media will always be Facebook. 

Facebook ads have developed over the years to give the best experience for both customers and advertisers.

With the right Facebook Media Buying, you can get some of the highest conversion rates you have ever seen while paying a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else.

As the Facebook ads platform evolves, there are more and more tools made available for advertisers to make the most out of their ad campaigns. 

So today, we are going to go over 9 of the best practices to make your Facebook ads stand out amongst the competition and make them more appealing to your target audience.


Using The Right Ad Format


When you are setting up your Facebook ad campaign, you have to choose the right ad format based on the behavior of your audience as well as the nature of the advertisement itself.

You want your ad placement to stand out in your audience’s feed for them to make note of it. 

Additionally, you always want to include a call to action in your ads for maximum effect.

In order to make your Facebook ad stand out there are a couple of different approaches you can take. 

For example, it is better to use vertical videos in your ad placements because that way you end up taking up most of the Facebook user’s screen. 

Also, it is better to include less text on your images as a high text-to-image ratio takes away from the appeal of your ads and your audience would quickly lose interest. 

Another Facebook ad format you can make use of is the carousel format which allows you to add a bunch of images in a single ad placement that your audience can scroll through to browse different features or products of your business.


Identifying Your Advertising Objective


Setting a Campaign objective for your ads helps Facebook determine what are the type of results you are expecting to get from running your campaign.

There are different Facebook ads objectives you can set for your campaign to achieve different effects or goals.

The six campaign objectives available on Facebook are awareness, traffic, engagement, leads, app promotion, and sales. 

So, for example, if your goal is to get more users to like, comment, and engage with your Facebook and Instagram page or with the ad itself then it would be best practice to select engagement as your Facebook ad campaign objective. 

Facebook Ad manager will also advise you to make changes to your ads based on the objective you set.


Advantage+ Placements


The Advantage Plus campaign is a new creation method of Facebook ads that basically automates many of your campaign’s settings and makes the whole process much easier and more intuitive. 

With advantage plus ad placements, the entire campaign creation process can be done on a single screen with some of the ad settings already preset into place. Y

ou still have the freedom to customize some of the options such as your target audience.

Advantage plus automatic placements allow Facebook to place your ads where it is going to have the highest yield based on the objective set for your campaign.

The automated placement of your Facebook ads saves you time and money that you would otherwise waste experimenting with different campaign settings.


Utilizing Campaign Budget Optimization


Budgeting for different Facebook ads can be one of the most demanding tasks when you are creating a new campaign.

Therefore, campaign budget optimization saves you the trouble of setting the budget for each ad set individually as well as tracking how these ad sets are performing. 

Campaign budget optimization allows you to set a single budget for the entire Facebook ad campaign and letting it run.

Facebook then determines which of your ads are the best performing and focuses more of your budget resources towards those ads in comparison to ads not receiving much attention or yielding any results. 

Campaign budget optimization also manages your budget throughout the duration of your campaign and ensures the best placements for your ads at the best possible prices to provide you with the best performance at the lowest possible cost.


Leveraging Broad Targeting


Facebook ads manager allows you to choose the targeting method you want for your campaign.

You can choose either specific or Broad targeting.

Each targeting method can have its advantages, however specific targeting is much riskier and requires more experience to get good results.

Broad targeting on the other hand allows you to reach new potential audiences and interested customers that you would otherwise never have thought of targeting.

Broad targeting allows Facebook to choose different users that it believes would be interested in your ads based on their behavior and activity.

Leveraging this tool allows you to expand your current audience, which is why it is important to make your ad creatives reflect this fact as well. 

Your ads should be appealing to users who aren’t familiar with your brand as well as already existing customers.


Specific Targeting


In case you have done your research and already know your audience pretty well, then specific targeting is the right method for your ad campaign. 

Specific targeting allows you to customize many different target audience settings to correctly identify and reach the audience you want to approach with your Facebook ad campaign.

Specific target audiences are typically smaller in size due to the many parameters included in audience targeting.

However, as small as specific target audiences can be, they can also yield great results provided that you know your audience and have experience with how they interact and view your brand.


Adopt Mobile-first Creative


A mobile-first creative is a Facebook ad creative (typically video) that is made with the intention to be ideally consumed on smartphones or portable devices.

Most Facebook users nowadays access the platform through the application on their phones.

Hence it is always a smart idea to build the best ad experience for your audience as they consume your ad on their mobile devices.

The use of the vertical video format is a great example of this ad creative approach.

Also, you should always keep in mind how users consume content on their phones.

For example, most Facebook users don’t enable sound when watching videos on their phones so you would have to use another way of communicating a message to your audience strictly through the visuals in your video.


Writing Better Copy


The copy of your ads has a huge impact on the overall performance of your Facebook ad campaign.

The Ads Copy of your campaign should always be specific to your audience. 

Generalized copywriting directed towards mass audiences has started to dissipate over the years and for good reason, they are simply not as persuasive or communicative to your target audience.

Your Facebook ads copy should be different for different ad sets targeted towards different demographics, you wouldn’t speak to an 18-year-old the same way you are speaking to an elderly, would you? 

Additionally, you must always aim to use simple language, as well as the lowest number of words possible, which get the message across to your audience.

You should also be direct and transparent with the visuals of your Facebook ad creatives.


The Importance of Setting Long-Term Goals


In terms of Facebook ads, it is important that you have a marketing strategy, don’t just aim to make a couple of sales. 

Instead, try to increase your brand awareness, if it is new to the market, and engage with more audiences to establish your business and give it a fighting chance in the long run, without constantly having to rely on Facebook ads and paid advertisements to drive your sales.

It is simply good practice to make room for setting long-term goals within your Facebook ads marketing strategy because it helps you get the highest return on your investment, as well as organize and utilize different ad sets to the fullest, based on your marketing objectives.




There you have it! 9 of the best practices to make your ads on Facebook stand out among the competition and effectively grow your business. 

Facebook advertising is both affordable and intuitive.

Just always remember to do your research and take the time to learn how to make the most out of the various tools made available to you in your Facebook business manager.

By doing so, you will have the best performance possible for your ad campaign.

Furthermore, Facebook ads can be utilized to achieve many different short-term goals. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t also ignore the potential of such a useful marketing tool to scale your business in the long term and effectively build your brand.

And if you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know exactly where to start, we can help you out!