21 December 2022

How To Optimize Facebook Ads For Your Online Store

You would agree that every business owner desires to make substantial profits. Fortunately, optimizing Facebook ads for your business is one key way to fulfill this desire.


However, both large and small businesses sometimes do this the wrong way, costing them a lot of revenue. A successful Facebook ad campaign can increase your conversions.


There are clear ways to achieve your goal of using social media to increase your net profit. To start with, you must have a clear strategy in mind.


Facebook media buying is one effective strategy you can employ to increase your revenue. Moreover, your ads must match what your audience is looking for.


The essence of this article is to provide practical help on how you can optimize Facebook ads for your online store.


Without further delay, let’s get started!


Install Meta Pixel


The importance of installing a meta pixel for ad optimization cannot be measured. To put things in perspective, the meta pixel is a piece of code that helps you keep tabs on user activity on your website.


Hence, you can then use user activity data on your webpage to gauge the effectiveness of your ads. It gives you an idea of how well your target audience is responding to your Facebook ads.


If you realize your ads are not well optimized for your target audience through the data collected by Meta pixel, you can always retarget those ads.


Data received by the Meta pixel includes button click data, form field names, Facebook cookies, HTTP headers, and optional values.


If you’ve not been using Facebook and Instagram ads, you need to start now to boost the sales and conversions of your online store.


Verify Your Domain


To optimize your Facebook ads and make the needed conversions, you can’t joke with domain verification. The verification of your domain gives you complete control over your links and content.


Having control over your links and content prevents others from misusing your business domain. Doing this will ensure you protect the integrity of your business.


Gone are the days when advertisers could decide to send their Facebook ads to any domain that pleased them.


However, things are no longer the same. Business owners now have greater control over the ads that can appear on their domains.


The good thing is that you don’t have to pay to verify your domain. You can as well generate the codes for verification through the use of a Business Manager Account.


So if you haven’t verified your domain, what are you still waiting for? Now is the time to take action!


Use Conversion API for Maximum Tracking


The conversion API is another important web tool you need to optimize your Facebook ads. In simple terms, the conversion API creates a sort of link between systems that helps optimize ads and your marketing data.


Several events that happen on your website are transmitted to Meta through the conversion API. Before you make use of the conversions API, you must have a clear campaign objective in mind.


Meta then uses the data and some other information received to properly optimize your ads. When your ads are well-optimized, the right people will get to see them.


There are several techniques you can use to set up the API conversion. If you take your time to follow instructions, you may not need to hire a developer to do this.


There are numerous benefits to enjoy if you make use of the conversion API to optimize your ads. One major benefit is that you’d better be able to keep track of ad performance.


Additionally, the API also gives you better control over who you share your ads and data with.


The Importance of Prioritizing Events


To make your ads optimal for the right audience, you need to prioritize the importance of web events. You can achieve this by arranging the events in order of importance. 


The highest event on the list would be assigned the highest priority. On the other hand, events at the tail end would be given the least priority.


When you change the position of an event, Meta will note this change and start optimizing the ads to reflect the new configuration.


Facebook has provided the option for advertisers to also optimize events that are not prioritized.


To massively improve your ad optimization campaign, you can set up about eight conversion events at a time. You can do this under the Aggregated Events Measurement.


We often encourage small and large-scale businesses to always prioritize web events that are crucial to their business.


Leverage Meta Pixel to Retarget Website Visitors


Meta-pixel retargeting can do wonders for your business if you take advantage of it to target your website and visitors.


Have you ever noticed a particular ad that keeps trailing you on the web after visiting an e-commerce store? That’s Meta pixel retargeting at work!


The aim of Meta pixel is not to target a particular demographic of people who visit your website. Rather, it aims to track the activities of your web visitors.


For example, if a person visited your eCommerce store without making any purchases but performed some other activities, the Meta pixel would note and record these activities for ad campaign purposes.


When a visitor leaves your website, he will likely start seeing ads relating to the previous web activities he performed. So, the goal of the Meta pixel retargeting is to convert mere web visitors into your customers.


Use Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences to Get More Customers


What if you wanted people who have never seen your ads to start seeing them and interacting with them? What do you do?


All you need to do is build a lookalike audience to gain more followers and customers. You might be wondering, “How do I build a lookalike audience?”


To grasp the points, let’s make a simple illustration. If you set up an ad campaign to target women in their early 20s who live in Canada, ideally, this is your ideal or custom audience.


However, your lookalike audience is those with similar profiles who live in other countries. This group of people likely has an interest in what you’re offering.


Meta allows you to determine the size of your lookalike audience by using the Facebook Ads Manager.


Depending on the level of similarity you want between your custom and lookalike audiences, you can choose between 1% and 10%. The bigger the size of your lookalike audience, the more random it becomes.


It’s quite essential to use a lookalike audience to reach more people and gain more customers for your business.


Use Engaging Ad Material


For your Facebook ad campaign to be successful, your ad material must be engaging. Your ads become ineffective if your target audience cannot relate to them.


Facebook has about 2 billion active users. Hence, one of the greatest blunders you can commit is not taking advantage of Facebook ads. For you to achieve the expected results, you must do things the right way.


It’s not uncommon for advertisers to use ads that are boring and outdated. Not only would this cost you a lot of money, but it would also cost you your time.


To make your Facebook ad campaign a success, you must understand your target audience. One important thing you must understand about them is their interests. It becomes easier to deliver engaging ads when you understand what your audience wants.


Use Dynamic Products Ads


The use of dynamic ads is one way to scale your business to the next level. However, advertisers with project catalogs are those that benefit mainly from dynamic ads.


Furthermore, the use of dynamic product ads helps you promote your ads on several social media platforms at once. People simultaneously get to see your ads on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and more.


For you to get the most out of dynamic ads, you need to connect with people and get them to interact with your social media posts.


In addition, look for ways to tell stories in a captivating way. Remember, the goal is to make your audience interact and become long-term customers.


Always remember to update your product catalog. No one likes to relate to a boring and outdated ad.


Upsell To Your Current Customers


To optimize Facebook ads for your online store, you must learn how to upsell to your current customers. It’s not uncommon for a waiter to say: “Would you mind me giving you a drink to take with your meal?” 


The above scenario is called upselling. You might not have ordered a drink with your meal, but the waiter is giving you the chance to buy one.


You can as well use the same technique for your Facebook ad campaign. Upselling not only benefits you but also your customers.


You cannot upsell to every customer of yours. Moreover, if you cannot explain in detail how your customer would benefit from buying an additional product, don’t upsell.




Optimizing Facebook ads for your online store is not rocket science. If you follow all the nine steps we mentioned above, you’ll surely increase your ROI.


To stay on top of your game, you must be familiar with what is trending. When you know this, you’ll be able to deliver relevant ads to your audience.


Remember, nothing good comes easily. If your digital marketing strategy seems not to be working, do not give up. Keep trying until you get the needed results. And if you feel like you are at a road-block and are in need of advice. Our team can help you out!